Latest from SF OCTOBER Weekend

29th Sep 2010

Arriving by Friday evening 22nd Oct and Leaving Sun 24th Oct means there's ONLY 23 DAYS TO GO and we still have plenty of space on just about all courses

except (you guessed!) Bluegrass Banjo but still keep the bookings coming and we'll keep a cancellations waiting list.

OLD TIME FIDDLE really needs some students. It's surprising the take up has not been better with DAVE PROCTOR teaching. He's a great player and good teacher too. It has taken a couple of years to get him here as he's a busy man. We may not get another chance in a hurry.

As usual, the line up is brilliant with a choice selection of the best players and teachers in the UK ready to pass on their knowledge. We will also be running the now popular MUSIC THEORY elective too.
All that and the great fun everyone has at Kingham around Halloween. How could you miss it!

Could you please get your booking in ASAP. If you leave it to the last minute confusion can arise on arrival day because we don't have enough time to process it properly!

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