13th Jun 2011

A Big THANK YOU goes from SFSS to all our subscribers for helping us grow SFW into an event worthy of the BBC Radio 4 coverage last week with further honours in R4’s “Pick of the Week”. The programme was a delight.

It created much excitement and euphoria with an interesting spin off which has rather hit us between the eyes:
Inspired by the broadcast there has been an inordinate surge of early bookings for both October 2011 and Easter 2012 together with a fair number of Emails and phone calls from people who hadn’t heard of the event before now.

A warm welcome awaits all newcomers. Similarly it is of paramount importance to ensure continuity for those who have gown with us. Here therefore is a sincere entreaty for returning students to submit their bookings as soon as possible. As class sizes are limited please don’t leave it to chance!

Here’s the full October Weekend line up:

Singing - Roland Emmanuel
Guitar -Gary Payne
Mandolin - Percy Copley
Fiddle - John Boston
Banjo - Richard Holland
Dobro - Bill Dalton (assisted by Martin Froud)
Bass – Jules Bushell
Old Time Fiddle - Jock Tyldesley
Old Time Banjo - Bill Whelan
Autoharp - Partick Couton (France)

Moving onto next Easter (9th to 13th April, 2012), we have a few confirmed tutors and are in negotiation with the remainder.

The song writing class is reinstated and we have asked popular John Lowell to lead it. However, in our experience this course is not always as popular as some of the others so we’re going to review the level of bookings at Christmas. If we have thirteen students booked by then, the course will go ahead as planned. If not, we will have to cancel it. John is fully aware of these conditions and is already lobbying students to make sure he has a class to teach. If song writing is your interest, then get a booking form in soon!

We are waiting for Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore to confirm their attendance at Easter. Chris Stewart and Janet Beazley are also candidates. We should know within a month or so.

Either way, we have top people lined up!
We really hope to run two mandolin classes this year and have three or four potentials under consideration: Jesse Brock (formerly of Micheal Cleveland and Flamekeeper) is interested and therefore probable. We are considering Barry Mitterhoff and Ben Winship too. But the second tutor will be announced later when we get a feel for how many wish to book 2012 mandolin.

Banjo: Noam Pikelny is checking his dates and commitments but has expressed an interest in returning. Other candidates are Richard Bailey (The Steel Drivers), Chris Pandolphi (Infamous String Dusters) and there’s an outside chance we might see Alison Brown but we need to confirm her willingness to teach.

Bruce Green was lined up to teach Old Time Fiddle but had to pull out due to prior commitments. He will probably come in 2013.

Carl Jones is considering coming and we have yet to decide whether we will ask him to teach fiddle or banjo. Others we are talking to are listed below.

We are pleased to see the return of Orrin Star to teach guitar, Mike Witcher who just blew all the Dobro folks away this year and we welcome Missy Raines to teach bass.

Whatever happens, there will be another amazing line up of artists to teach and entertain at Sore Fingers Week 2012!

In Summary here is the current position:
Guitar - Orin Star (Confirmed)
Mandolin Candidates: – Jesse Brock, Barry Mitterhoff, Ben Winship, Don Stienberg (TBA)
Bass - Missy Raines (Confirmed)
Dobro - Mike Witcher (Confirmed)
Bluegrass Banjo Candidates: - Chris Pandolphi, Noam Pikelny, Alison Brown, Richard Bailey, Danny arnes (All TBA)
Singing candidates: - Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore or Chris Stuart & Janet Beazley (TBC)
Fiddle Candidates: - Becky Buller, Tammy Rogers (TBA)
Beginners - Eleanor Cross - Fiddle and Bass (Confirmed), Dan Norton - Mandolin (Confirmed), Guitar (TBA), Banjo (TBA)
Old Time Banjo Candidates: - Carl Jones, John Herrman, Chris Coole (all TBA)
Old Time Fiddle Candidates: - Rayna Gellert or Sammy Lind or Brad Leftwich (All TBA)
Autoharp - John Hollandsworth - (Confirmed)
Song Writing - John Lowell (Confirmed)

Well, we hope that whets your appetite!

Booking forms are available to download from the website.

John & Moira Wirtz
Sore Fingers Summer Schools

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